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A Visualization Moment: Your Private Island


The reason most people are interested in home based businesses or online money making techniques is NOT really the money, but rather the ability to make money any time and from anywhere!…. the internet life style… right?

Well how would you like to sit right here… with this view…. helping people and making as much money as you want?


This is absolutely part of my dream! This is why I spend time everyday strengthening my millionaire mindset and honing my marketing skills. But fortunately, you don’t have to wait until you can buy your on island… 🙂

This is actually a picture from Cayo Espanto, a private island you can rent, a portion or all of,  at your convenience.

Yes, it costs more than the trip to Disney World you just took with the family, but if you didn’t want more for your family… you wouldn’t be here right?

I’m secretly planning a trip here for my family next year… SHHHHH…..:-)


What’s the point?

No, I’m not trying to brag here. I had this dream long before I could afford it!

The point is that you must stay focused on your goals and have the faith that you will attain them now! You must also think about your goals at daily and visualize yourself already having them and using them. Again you MUST see reaching and using your desires mentally before you can make them a reality!

This is a vital part of the science of getting rich…. 🙂

“Be grateful for where you are and what you have and then… be grateful for the blessings which, for the moment, you own only in imagination!”

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