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Effective Calf Workouts Part 1


I know a lot of people that, like me, have struggled to find effective ways to stimulate growth in their lower leg muscles (i.e., their calves). I never wanted to be the typical guy at the gym with a huge upper body… and “chicken legs”!

With this goal in mind, I’ve always done a good job of finding  variety of good workouts for my hamstrings and quads, but effective calf workouts have been a lot tougher to find. I’ve found a few good “advanced” calf workouts, but this one is actually perfect for anybody who wants to increase the size of their lower leg muscles!

There are not a ton of different exercises. There are no complicated rest pause periods or even any super sets.

It’s one exercise (the seated calf raise) and four (4) mintues of time!

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Your calf muscles are incredibly dense and use to doing a ton of work. Given this, high reps and deep contractions are key. This is necessary to activate every fiber and flood them with blood.

This simple workout accomplishes both of these goals…

You WILL see size gains, as long as you are taking in enough calories and protein!

Now go take your calf workout to the next level… 🙂

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