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Full disclosure: I am a Heal tribe member, and I will make money if you purchase any of their products through me.

That said, this is the first company that I have been a part of that I am absolutely proud of! With previous companies, I’ve really only shared them with strangers through paid advertising and other online money making methods…

The Company

No this one is different! In the company’s own words,

Heal, a way of life
Health, wealth, and happiness are the soil of this grass roots organization.
The building blocks are food, fitness, finances, family, friends, faith and fun.

Honestly? I was first attracted to Heal because of the Munson brothers. Over the past few years, we’ve been a part of multiple companies and have had varying degrees of success. However, what had been persistent is Paul and Stephen’s transparency…their honesty. But I was REALLY excited when I found that this transparency and honesty continues on the calls, in the live feeds and in the courses! These are real people, honestly interested in changing the world in a positive way… And doing it! This is not another so called “business opportunity”. THIS IS A TRIBAL MOVEMENT! Join the tribe

The Offerings

This is indeed a game changer!

Money in and of itself will never bring you happiness or health. It’s actually quite the opposite. Money is necessary to realize your full potential, but people often kill themselves and drive friends and family away in pursuit of it… What if instead everyone focused on helping others and the money came as an automatic byproduct…Wouldn’t that be cool?

How does Heal help others?

Heal strives to help you improve body, mind and soul in only 18 minutes per day… and they deliver!

We are at the beginning of this journey, but Heal already offers four groundbreaking products to impact every aspect of your life in a positive way:

  1. The Family: The Family is the backbone of the Heal organization. Once you “Join the Heal Family” you will become part of a global movement that matters and be able to earn income by selling our E-Learning products.
  2. The Body Map: The Body Map is your solution to health issues.  Being restless at night, tired in the morning, or exhausted during the day. Sitting in the Hospital and hearing the diagnosis and not having a clue what to do next.  Trying diet after diet. Not having the motivation to get in shape.  Allergies, Aches, Inflammation, Pains, Stress, and Anxiety.
  3. The Daily Boost: GET YOUR DAILY BOOST OF ENERGY, POSITIVITY, AND HAPPINESS. Silence the negativity – Overcome the depression – Say good-bye to the stress – Avoid the anxiety –Give up the guilt, shame, and regret for good – Be calm, clear, and relaxed – Transform to the greatest you. 18 minutes of POSITIVE daily inspiration, motivation, and relaxation GUARANTEED!.
  4. I Am 21 Day Challenge: Includes – 21 “I AM” Challenge video courses, Accountability to stay on track, Overcoming doubt & insecurities, Self-worth strength, Dealing with stress & anxiety, Forgiveness & letting go, Creating a life of inner peace, Attracting abundance, Breaking brokenness and Tapping into inner strength

What are you waiting for some kind of guaranteed success!?

The HEAL family promise

 Progress is happiness and that is our Heal Family
Promise. We promise that if you learn it and live it
you will love it. You will make progress, you will be
healthy, and you will be happy. If you aren’t happy we
aren’t happy. We fall together, we stand up together,
and we always win. Our promise is your progress,

​The next step is up to you!

Join the tribe now!

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